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Wood-clad aluminum doors and windows development direction in the future?


The world is advocating energy conservation and environmental protection, insisting on sustainable development, and promoting the use of more green and recyclable products. Wood-clad aluminum doors and windows are high-performance doors and windows that integrate safety, heat preservation, beauty and environmental protection. It uses natural plant fiber compressed wood on the indoor side, combining the strength of doors and windows with aesthetics, meeting the aesthetic needs of people's senses, while meeting the high requirements of low energy consumption and the goal of environmentally sustainable development.

The interior surface solves the problems that the solid wood of the wood-aluminum composite doors and windows is easy to absorb deformation and crack, and the hardware connection position is easy to rust, which improves the safety performance and corrosion resistance of wood-clad aluminum doors and windows. The combination of wood and aluminum adds a touch of elegance to the original cold and rigid aluminum doors and windows, which can be controlled by both classic and elegant Chinese decoration style and contemporary new Chinese decoration style.
One of the advantages of wood-clad aluminum doors and windows is that after several years, users are not satisfied with its color or pattern or want to change the original decoration style. The indoor wood surface of wood-clad aluminum doors and windows can be recycled with water-based environmentally friendly paint and repainted with a new finish. , More humane. The whole window of wooden clad aluminum door and window adopts the structure of aluminum alloy with broken bridge as the main structure, which enhances the stability and corrosion resistance of the door and window, and also enhances the role of heat insulation. This makes the functionality of wood-clad aluminum doors and windows more suitable for the living habits of modern people, and the appearance is more in line with contemporary aesthetics.

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