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What are the reasons for the yellowing of industrial aluminum

Industrial aluminum profiles are often used for a long time, and the surface of aluminum materials will turn yellow, which affects the appearance of aluminum materials to a large extent. Why do industrial aluminum profiles turn yellow? There may be several reasons.
 Industrial aluminum profiles are not in full contact with the conductive rods during processing, which increases the resistance, reduces the time for oxide film formation, and causes powdering of the oxide film, which causes the surface of industrial aluminum to turn yellow.

  Industrial aluminum materials are not cleaned before electrophoresis. Incomplete cleaning will cause the acid radicals in the oxide film holes to react with the electrophoretic paint to cause yellowing of the electrophoretic paint film, resulting in yellowing of the aluminum surface.

  To remove ash during aluminum processing, nitric acid is added. After the aluminum is cleaned, some of the nitric acids may be brought into the oxidation tank, affecting the oxidation of the surface of the aluminum, causing the surface of the aluminum to become black. We can add a neutralizer and adjust the PH value.
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