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three processes of industrial aluminum profile production

Industrial aluminum profiles are widely used in various industries, and aluminum profiles are processed into a variety of products. Do you know the processing flow of aluminum profiles? The following editor will lead you to understand the processing flow of aluminum profiles.
1. Casting process

The specifications of aluminum materials are different, and the amount of alloy added is also different. The factory calculates the amount of alloy added to aluminum materials according to customer needs, deploys different production raw materials, melts the prepared raw materials in the melting furnace, and then passes through the deep well casting system to cool down. Into various specifications of products.

   2. Kneading process

Kneading is a necessary process for aluminum profile forming. According to the customer's product use and cross-section requirements, the product mold is reasonably designed, and the product is better formed through the mold. The kneading process requires the air-cooling quenching process and the artificial aging process. Way to complete heat treatment enhancement.

   3, the coloring process

   Aluminum profiles need to be anodized before coloring. The anodized aluminum profiles not only have high wear resistance, but the surface of the aluminum profiles is also beautiful.
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