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The difference between aluminum profile workbench and traditional workbench

The workbench is an important part of the entire industrial production, and it plays a supporting and serial role in industrial production. Traditional workbenches are generally made of steel. In recent years, due to the gradual maturity of industrial aluminum profiles, aluminum profile workbenches have become more and more popular, so what are the differences between aluminum profile workbenches and traditional workbenches? Let's understand the related content together.

The difference in strength: The surface of the traditional workbench looks very strong, but the main connection is not through the solder joints. If the solder joints fall off under slight pressure, the whole will collapse.

The aluminum workbench adopts a connection and locking structure. It can be returned to the position if it is too strong

The difference in maintenance: If a single connection part of the traditional workbench is damaged, it needs to be re-welded, polished, painted, etc. The process is cumbersome and complicated, and the assembly and disassembly of the aluminum profile table are very convenient and quick;

The difference in appearance: the traditional workbench will peel off and rust over time, while the industrial aluminum workbench series are beautiful, corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant;
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