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  • More than 100 car factories in the world stop production!!!

    More than 100 car factories in the world stop production!!!


    When the new crown pneumonia epidemic was raging in China, the production and supply of overseas car companies were once affected due to the shortage of domestic parts. Today, the epidemic of new crown pneumonia spreads all over the world, and it also casts a shadow over the two major automotive industry centers in Europe and North America. According to incomplete statistics, as of March 19, 12 overseas car companies including Daimler, Volkswagen, Fiat Chrysler Group (FCA), Peugeot Citroen Group (PSA), etc. have closed or plan to shut down. More than 100. At present, the European region is the most affected. More than 90 factories have been closed. Due to the epidemic, the number of registered passenger car markets in the European Union in February 2020 fell by 7.4% year-on-year to 957,052. Worst start since 2013. The shutdown and production will exacerbate this dilemma. At the same time, the impact of North America is gradually emerging, and the three major US giants are planning to shut down North American factories including the United States, Canada, and Mexico. According to CNBC reports, data from RBC Capital Markets show that the ripple effect of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic on consumer demand may lead to a 16% decline in global car production in 2020, while US car sales are expected to decline by 20%. A global epidemic is challenging the already depressed global automotive industry.

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  • Aluminum prices are expected to fall sharply on the 2020/3/19

    Aluminum prices are expected to fall sharply on the 2020/3/19


    In the early morning of March 19, the comprehensive market analysis of cnal.com: the average price of non-ferrous aluminum in the Yangtze River fell 60 to 12,530 in the previous trading day, and the average price of non-ferrous aluminum in the South China Sea fell 90 to 12,780. Shanghai Aluminum Spot Monthly Contract opened at 12690 in 2003, with a maximum of 12690 and a minimum of 12155. It closed at 12240, down 445 or 3.51%. Lunco Aluminum 3 opened at 1650.00, highest at 1651.50, lowest at 1613.00, and closed at 1638.50, down 4.50 or 0.27%. The US dollar index opened at 99.59, the highest was 101.75, the lowest was 99.15, and closed at 100.89, up 1.31 or 1.31%. LME aluminum inventory decreased by 5,725 tons to 967,325 tons. The warehouse receipts in the previous period decreased by 2721 tons to 301,491 tons. 1. The European Central Bank announced on the early morning of March 19 that it will implement a temporary, 750 billion euro epidemic emergency purchase plan (PEPP). The purchase of the target includes private and public sector securities to address the serious risks faced by the monetary policy transmission mechanism. In terms of purchasing public sector securities, benchmarking cross-jurisdictional allocations will remain the capital key for central banks in the member states. The purchase plan will be implemented until the end of 2020. All asset classes will be eligible under the existing asset purchase plan (APP), and Greek debt will be included in the purchase scope according to the exemption policy. The scope of eligible assets will be expanded to non-bank commercial paper, and the scope of collateral will be expanded to include additional credit claims. Part of the "self-limitation" of quantitative easing (QE) may be detrimental to the actions that the ECB must take to fulfill its duties. The ECB's management committee will adjust its considerations to the necessary state, and will not tolerate any risks of smooth policy transmission. . Be prepared to expand the scale of asset purchases when necessary and adjust the composition of asset purchases. 2. WHO: The cumulative number of new crown cases worldwide has exceeded 190,000. According to the latest data released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, a total of 10082 new crown cases were confirmed in Germany, 26 died, and 73 were cured. So far, Germany has become the world's fifth country with more than 10,000 diagnosed cases. The number of new crowns in the United Kingdom increased to 2,626, compared with 1950 in the previous day. The market's terror spread to non-ferrous metals, and the daily limit of copper for two consecutive days led to the general diving of metals. Aluminum prices are expected to fall sharply today for reference only.

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  • Wood-clad aluminum doors and windows development direction in the future?

    Wood-clad aluminum doors and windows development direction in the future?


    The world is advocating energy conservation and environmental protection, insisting on sustainable development, and promoting the use of more green and recyclable products. Wood-clad aluminum doors and windows are high-performance doors and windows that integrate safety, heat preservation, beauty and environmental protection. It uses natural plant fiber compressed wood on the indoor side, combining the strength of doors and windows with aesthetics, meeting the aesthetic needs of people's senses, while meeting the high requirements of low energy consumption and the goal of environmentally sustainable development. The interior surface solves the problems that the solid wood of the wood-aluminum composite doors and windows is easy to absorb deformation and crack, and the hardware connection position is easy to rust, which improves the safety performance and corrosion resistance of wood-clad aluminum doors and windows. The combination of wood and aluminum adds a touch of elegance to the original cold and rigid aluminum doors and windows, which can be controlled by both classic and elegant Chinese decoration style and contemporary new Chinese decoration style. One of the advantages of wood-clad aluminum doors and windows is that after several years, users are not satisfied with its color or pattern or want to change the original decoration style. The indoor wood surface of wood-clad aluminum doors and windows can be recycled with water-based environmentally friendly paint and repainted with a new finish. , More humane. The whole window of wooden clad aluminum door and window adopts the structure of aluminum alloy with broken bridge as the main structure, which enhances the stability and corrosion resistance of the door and window, and also enhances the role of heat insulation. This makes the functionality of wood-clad aluminum doors and windows more suitable for the living habits of modern people, and the appearance is more in line with contemporary aesthetics.

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  • China Aluminum Bridge Development

    China Aluminum Bridge Development


    1. China's current high-speed rail construction is in full swing. In addition, the terrain in the central and western regions is relatively complicated, with many canyons and rivers. A large number of bridges need to be built during the process of railway construction. The aluminum alloy bridge has a relatively broad potential market due to its advantages such as convenient transportation and light weight. 2. Steel generally has problems of rust and poor low temperature performance. The rust of steel will seriously affect the robustness of the bridge, not only bring greater maintenance costs, but also serious safety risks. The poor low temperature performance will prevent the steel bridge from being used normally in some severe climatic conditions. And aluminum alloy materials generally have relatively strong corrosion resistance and low temperature performance, so they can be widely used in a variety of climatic conditions and durable. Although the cost of aluminum alloy bridges is generally high, low maintenance costs in the later stage may reduce the price gap to a certain extent. 3. Research on aluminum bridge decks at home and abroad has been very mature and widely used. The continuously improved level of material research and development also provides a technical guarantee for the development of new alloys that meet different performance requirements. In recent years, domestic aluminum manufacturers have gradually set their sights on the field of industrial aluminum profiles. Technically, it provides the foundation for the construction of aluminum alloy bridges. 4. Metros in full construction in major cities in China have very strict requirements for pressure from the ground. Due to the huge advantages of aluminum alloy bridges, it is foreseeable that more aluminum alloy pedestrian bridges and highway bridges will be designed and used in the future.

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  • China Surgical mask for sale!

    China Surgical mask for sale!


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