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  • What are the processes for customizing an aluminum profile

    What are the processes for customizing an aluminum profile


    Now aluminum profiles have been widely used in our lives. There are many types of aluminum profiles on the market. General industrial aluminum profiles can meet the needs of consumers. When companies develop new products, general aluminum profiles It is not enough. At this time, we need to find some processing factories to customize the mold. What is the process of customizing an aluminum profile? 1. To design product samples, we can send our requirements or sample drawings to the aluminum processing factory. The processing factory will quote according to the sample drawings and cross-sectional size. The quotation is generally divided into mold opening fee and material fee if further processing is required. There are processing fees. If you feel that the quotation is within your acceptable range, you can open the mold. 2. A sample will be processed according to the drawings for trial mold and processing. After the mold is opened, we'd better see if the quality, size, thickness, etc. of the trial mold sample meet our needs, and how the sample meets our requirements, we will proceed with the order Mass production. 3. A deposit is required for mass production: a certain deposit must be paid to the processing plant before mass production. If the aluminum products produced do not require further processing, the aluminum products can be packaged and sent to the logistics, and the rest will be paid after the arrival of the goods. The money is fine.   4. Deep processing: If the aluminum material to be produced needs to be processed in-depth, first determine the deep processing drawing, and after confirming the drawing, the aluminum profile can be processed in batches, such as drilling, cutting, tapping, etc.

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  • three processes of industrial aluminum profile production

    three processes of industrial aluminum profile production


    Industrial aluminum profiles are widely used in various industries, and aluminum profiles are processed into a variety of products. Do you know the processing flow of aluminum profiles? The following editor will lead you to understand the processing flow of aluminum profiles. 1. Casting process The specifications of aluminum materials are different, and the amount of alloy added is also different. The factory calculates the amount of alloy added to aluminum materials according to customer needs, deploys different production raw materials, melts the prepared raw materials in the melting furnace, and then passes through the deep well casting system to cool down. Into various specifications of products.    2. Kneading process Kneading is a necessary process for aluminum profile forming. According to the customer's product use and cross-section requirements, the product mold is reasonably designed, and the product is better formed through the mold. The kneading process requires the air-cooling quenching process and the artificial aging process. Way to complete heat treatment enhancement.    3, the coloring process    Aluminum profiles need to be anodized before coloring. The anodized aluminum profiles not only have high wear resistance, but the surface of the aluminum profiles is also beautiful.

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  • What are the reasons for the yellowing of industrial aluminum

    What are the reasons for the yellowing of industrial aluminum


    Industrial aluminum profiles are often used for a long time, and the surface of aluminum materials will turn yellow, which affects the appearance of aluminum materials to a large extent. Why do industrial aluminum profiles turn yellow? There may be several reasons.  Industrial aluminum profiles are not in full contact with the conductive rods during processing, which increases the resistance, reduces the time for oxide film formation, and causes powdering of the oxide film, which causes the surface of industrial aluminum to turn yellow.   Industrial aluminum materials are not cleaned before electrophoresis. Incomplete cleaning will cause the acid radicals in the oxide film holes to react with the electrophoretic paint to cause yellowing of the electrophoretic paint film, resulting in yellowing of the aluminum surface.   To remove ash during aluminum processing, nitric acid is added. After the aluminum is cleaned, some of the nitric acids may be brought into the oxidation tank, affecting the oxidation of the surface of the aluminum, causing the surface of the aluminum to become black. We can add a neutralizer and adjust the PH value.

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  • How to distinguish the quality of industrial aluminum profiles

    How to distinguish the quality of industrial aluminum profiles


    The main raw material component of industrial aluminum profiles is aluminum, which is generally used in aerospace, shipping, construction, electronics industry, transportation, and other industries. With the development of the aluminum industry getting better and better, there are many types of industrial aluminum profiles on the market, how do we distinguish the quality of industrial aluminum profiles? Oxide film thickness: The thickness of the oxide film is not enough, and the surface of aluminum is prone to rust and corrosion. The national standard for architectural and industrial aluminum oxide film thickness should not be less than 10 microns.    Main chemical composition: If a large amount of waste aluminum is mixed into the raw material, industrial aluminum profiles can greatly reduce the cost, but it will lead to unqualified industrial aluminum chemical composition and seriously endanger safety engineering.    Dimension drawings with approximately the same thickness distribution: cross-sectional size, width, and center hole, but the wall thickness varies greatly, and can also be quite different weights, and the price will also vary greatly.   Manufacturer: The raw materials, production process standards, and quality of large aluminum profiles are strictly controlled. Although some small factories have low prices, they cannot guarantee quality.

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  • What aluminum manufacturers need to pay attention to when processing products

    What aluminum manufacturers need to pay attention to when processing products


    The current industry is not only a competition product but also an era of competition services. To provide customers with better products and related services, when the factory produces and processes products, each step must strictly abide by the specifications, to ensure that the quality reaches the qualification To make customers satisfied, we can have long-term development. The following editors will talk about what should be paid attention to when producing aluminum profiles?First,Timeliness of heat treatmentWhether it is producing ordinary profiles or industrial aluminum profiles, the temperature in the furnace must be controlled within the specified range, and it can be released after being kept at this temperature for three hours. After the product is taken out of the furnace, the fan must be turned on to blow it for some time to cool it. This process should be inspected by the quality inspector. Second, check the quality of the processed products After processing the product, the aluminum profile manufacturer must also check the product, whether the surface of the product is smooth, without oxidative corrosion or related defects, and whether the curvature and twist of the cut profile are kept within an acceptable range. Third, the product clean packaging in timeFor products that pass the quality inspection, the factory should package the products according to the processed size. When packaging, it must be very strict. Only after the packaging is completed can it be guaranteed that there will be no scratches or scratches during transportation.

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