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Matters needing attention in cutting industrial aluminum profiles

We know that industrial aluminum profiles are long strips, generally 6 meters long, and need to be sawed according to the actual size used. So what should you pay attention to when cutting industrial aluminum profiles?

1. Choose a professional saw blade, because the hardness of the industrial aluminum profile is not as big as steel, it is relatively easy to saw, but because the hardness is not large enough, it is easy to stick to aluminum, so the blade must be sharp and replaced after a period of use.

2. Choose a suitable lubricant. If you do not use the lubricant to cut directly, there will be many burrs on the cut surface of the aluminum profile, which is difficult to clean. And it hurts the saw blade.

3. Most industrial aluminum profiles are cut at right angles, and some require bevel cuts. 45 angles are more common. When cutting the bevel, you must control the angle, and it is best to use a CNC sawing machine to saw.
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