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How to distinguish the quality of industrial aluminum profiles

The main raw material component of industrial aluminum profiles is aluminum, which is generally used in aerospace, shipping, construction, electronics industry, transportation, and other industries. With the development of the aluminum industry getting better and better, there are many types of industrial aluminum profiles on the market, how do we distinguish the quality of industrial aluminum profiles?

Oxide film thickness: The thickness of the oxide film is not enough, and the surface of aluminum is prone to rust and corrosion. The national standard for architectural and industrial aluminum oxide film thickness should not be less than 10 microns.

   Main chemical composition: If a large amount of waste aluminum is mixed into the raw material, industrial aluminum profiles can greatly reduce the cost, but it will lead to unqualified industrial aluminum chemical composition and seriously endanger safety engineering.

   Dimension drawings with approximately the same thickness distribution: cross-sectional size, width, and center hole, but the wall thickness varies greatly, and can also be quite different weights, and the price will also vary greatly.

  Manufacturer: The raw materials, production process standards, and quality of large aluminum profiles are strictly controlled. Although some small factories have low prices, they cannot guarantee quality.
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