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Aluminum Profiles With Correct Shape Size And Accuracy

August 9,2019.

Aluminum Profiles in aluminum extrusion process is important, is to ensure product formation, so that it has the correct shape, size and accuracy of the basic tools. In actual production, in view of some problems that may occur in extruded hollow aluminum profiles, we give the corresponding method of repair.

First, has the seam angle or welds the bad

Hollow Aluminum Profiles s using planar shunt combined die extrusion, metal through the shunt, welding process, so the hollow profile is the existence of welding line, if the metal welding is not good cracks, it is a flaw. There are two reasons for the gap, the first is the shunt hole, welding room small, metal flow insufficient, metal in the welding room did not form enough static water pressure, the product is not welded well and outflow mold hole, resulting in the product has welded gap; the second is excessive lubrication and poor lubrication caused by poor solder joint. The former can be used grinding or milling to enlarge the diversion hole and welding room area, increase metal flow, so that the metal in the welding room can form enough static water pressure to solve, the latter using a lubrication-free extrusion process can be.

Second, the wall of Aluminum Profiles concave or convex on the bow surface

1, Hollow Aluminum Profiles wall concave bow surface causes: Die Core working band is lower than the lower die hole work belt, die core work band effective length is too short caused. Correction method: The die core and the lower die are placed between the block, so that the work of the mold core under the force state and the lower die hole sizing belt, etc. high. At the same time, the same thickness is lost at the outlet of the lower die.

2, Hollow Aluminum Profiles external convex cause: Mold use time is too long, die core work with serious wear, groove, increase friction resistance, metal flow slowly caused by hollow profile wall outside convex. Correction method: If the thickness tolerance of the profile allows, can file repair or polishing the work of the die core surface, reduce friction resistance, if the die core work with a serious wear degree, and the thickness of the wall has reached the deviation, the mold can be preheated to 300 ℃, repair die core shape, and then file repair to the required size and polished after use; If the die core work belt is not worn, then file a file die core work with the outside of the obstruction and the inside of the stranded place can be.

Three, Aluminum Profiles  surface stripe

The appearance of stripes on the outer surface of extruded profile is more obvious after anodic oxidation. The defect is mostly found in the part of the thickness difference of the profile, the weld part of the metal under the shunt bridge and the back on the inside with the "branch" and the threaded hole.


1. The "branch" of the inner part of the profile and the thread hole are caused by insufficient or excessive flow of metal.

2. The surface stripe of the profile caused by the weld area under the mold shunt bridge;

3, profile design problems, because the wall thickness of the profile is large, the work band length mutation at the site after the polarization of the stripe-like color;

4, because the cooling capacity of the machine is not enough, resulting in the black stripe area after the polarization;

5, the quality of the cast slab itself is not good, affecting the polarization of the extruded material after the stripe color.

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