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Advantages of three surface treatment methods for aluminum profiles

1. Anodizing: it can form a porous oxide film with a hardness of up to 500 HV; the oxide film with a porous structure can also absorb lubricants and pigments to enhance the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the surface of the material; Insulation effect, can prevent breakdown voltage greater than 30V / μm; strong high temperature resistance, can withstand high temperature of 1500 ℃; use good adsorption capacity can be oxidized and colored into various decorative colors, widely used in aerospace, electronic appliances, Construction of various aluminum profiles and building decoration.

2. Electrophoretic coating: water is used as the dispersion medium, and the amount of co-solvent is small, which reduces the pollution of air and water, and there is no danger of fire; the paint has good swimming permeability and can cover the edges and gaps of aluminum profiles. Forms a dense and uniform oxide film, and the overall anti-corrosion ability is very strong; the appearance quality is high, no sagging phenomenon occurs, and no solvent is condensed on the surface of the profile to form a poor appearance; the advanced RO circulation system is adopted, so that the coating recovery rate is 98% More than%, waste water discharge is small, which not only saves chemical coatings, but also reduces environmental pollution.

3. Powder coating: The molecular weight of the resin used in powder coating is larger than that of solution-type coating, which makes the surface of the aluminum profile have good chemical resistance. The powder coating can obtain a coating of 50-300μm, which greatly reduces the number of painting It saves working time, there is no droop phenomenon and pinhole defects caused by solution-type coatings during coating, and it is possible to obtain better film layers to make aluminum profiles sturdy and durable; the colors are colorful and the decorative effect is improved; for aluminum The quality of the surface of the substrate and the quality of the pretreatment are not as strict as the first two treatment methods.

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