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Shengxin industrial profile

Production capability

23 Extruders, from 300 tons to 5500 tons.

4 Powder Coating Lines, include 2 vertical coating machines.

2 Anodize Lines

4 Wooden Grain Lines
6 Thermal Break lines
Deep ( Further ) Processing Workshop, full of deep processes, include CNC at 8 meters .

Products Available:

Extrusion Available: Minimum thickness 0.5mm, Maximum Diameter Dia.500mm.
Alloy Available: 6063/6063A,6005/6005A,6061,6082,6060,6463, 
Temper Available: T1, T4, T5, T6.
Powder Coating Available: Common Powder Coating ( 5 to 8 years warranty),Weather resistant powder coating ( 10 to 15 years warranty),Super Weather resistant powder coating ( 15 to 20 years warranty),PVDF (Fluorocarbon)  painting ( more than 20 years warranty)
Anodize Available: Silver Champagne, Bronze, Black, Golden, Rose golden, Titanium, Blue, Red.Polishing, Sands Blasting, Brush, Electrophoresis
Wooden Grain Available: Common Wooden grain, Weather resistant wooden grain(10 years outdoor warranty),Electrophoresis Wooden Grain.
Deep ( Further) Processing Available: CNC at maximum 8 meters, bending, welding, punching, drilling, Milling, stretch bending, tapping, precise cutting, etc.

Products application range:

Architectural profile: formwork, windows, doors, handrail, shop front, ceiling, blinds, curtain wall.
Furniture profile: kitchen cabinet, trim, skirting  
Solar energy profile: PV frame, bracket, rail
Industrial profile: conveyor, modular assembly system, heat sink,  
Illumination profile: LED strip, Light box frame
Electronic product aluminium parts. air conditioning equipment parts.
Automotive & Bullet train profile, container,

Service We provide:

1. Professional technical team Suggestions improvement for you about your product drawings.
2. Professional quality inspectors to Ensure the quality and compliance of your products.
3. Professional staff to match custom colors for you,make samples for you if you need.
4. Professional die development capabilities.
5. Professional aluminum manufacturer experience, Since 1997.

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